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5 Celebrities Who Collect Models Just Like Us!

Posted March 16, 2020

Walt Disney

If you scale down Disneylands, you will get a miniature wonderland for model builders. Some believe Walt Disney's plan to build a theme park comes from his model building enthusiasm.  Even though its mere speculation, we believe that he first build a small scale of his parks first.


Frank Sinatra

Sinatra is one of the biggest names in the music industry. He was called The Sultan of Swoon, nominated 31 grammies and won 9 of them. We might know every itsy bitsy thing about his life but did you know Frank Sinatra had a million-dollar collection of model trains and a huge layout?


Neil Young

His song "transformer man" is about his handicapped son and a device he developed so his son could control the trains. It sounds like he owns a huge train layout.


Rod Stewart

In his UK home, he has created a replica of British Rail's East Coast Line, while in his Beverly Hills house he owns the famous "Grand Street and Three Rivers Railroad"--a tribute to 1940's Manhattan and Chicago. Boasting five-foot-high skyscrapers--taller than some fully grown humans--busy sidewalks and traffic-jammed streets, Rod Stewart's epic creation has been featured on the cover of Model Railroader Magazine and never fails to mesmerize even the most avid enthusiast.

Peter Jackson

You can buy models or create them. The famous director of Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson owns the famous aviation model kit line Wingnut Wings. According to his page in Wingnut Wings, "Peter has had a life long interest in scale modeling and, after seeing the movie The Blue Max as a young boy, First World War aviation as well. He is very pleased to be able to share his passion for high-quality scale models of First World War aircraft with like-minded hobbyists through Wingnut Wings and hopes that modelers will get as much enjoyment out of these models as he does. Peter's other interests include vintage aircraft, military history, movie memorabilia, and film.'


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