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Accurate Miniatures

Posted January 17, 2020

Accurate Miniatures

Accurate Miniatures

Accurate Miniatures is a scale plastic model kit manufacturer. As its name suggests they have gained a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality accurate plastic model kits for hobby enthusiasts. Their products mainly consist of plastic model aircraft kits and plastic model automobiles from World War II.
Accurate Miniatures was based in Charlotte, North Carolina until the mid-1990s. They filed for bankruptcy in June 2001. Later that year this modeling company was bought by Hobby Investors LLC. After this sale now they are located in Concord, North Carolina, United States. 
If you are an avid aircraft and automobile plastic model kit collector, don’t pass Accurate Miniatures

Lots of Models currently sale these Accurate Miniature Plastic Model Kits:


Accurate Miniatures Aircraft Plastic Model Kits:

1:48 Scale Plastic Model Kits 

P-51A Mustang
North American P-51 Mustang was an American aircraft. It is a single-seat fighter-bomber used during World War II.
B-25 C/D Mitchell 345th Bomb Group
345th Bombardment Group was an inactive American Airforce unit. North American B-25 C/D Mitchell was assigned to the Fifth Air Force unit. It was awarded Distinguished unit Citation and Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. These awards were given to B-25 C/D Mitchell for its service in New Guinea, Southern Philippines, and China.
B-25 G Mitchell Plastic Aircraft Conversion
B-25 Mitchell is a bomber that was produced in 1941. It was named Mitchell to honor a Major General named "William Mitchell".
F-6 B Tac Recce Mustang Plastic
F-6 B was a version of the Mustang to see active service with the USAAF, flying its first missions from Tunisia with the 154th Observation Squadron in April 1943.
Grumman F3F-1 Mid 1930s Navy Fighter
The last American biplane fighter delivered to the US Navy was the Grumman F3F-1. It served between wars and designed as an update on the single-seated F2F.
Grumman F3F-2 1930's Marine Bi-Plane Fighter
Second production model for the US Navy’s Grumman F3F-1 Mid 1930s, powered by a single 950 hp
P-400 Airacobra Cactus Air Force Guadalcanal
When the United States entered World War II, Bell P-39 Aircobra was one of the principal fighter aircraft in the service. Soviet Air Force also used this plane during the era.
P-51 C Mustang Merlin Engine China 1945
In early 1945, P-51C, D, and K variants also joined the Chinese Nationalist Air Force. These Mustangs were provided to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Fighter Groups and used to attack Japanese targets in occupied areas of China. 
SB2U-1 Vindicator USN Bomber USS Ranger CV4
American carrier-based dive bomber SB2U-1 Vindicator was developed by United States Navy in the 1930s. It was the first monoplane of this role.
TBF/M Avenger USN Bomber USS San Jacinto
TBF Avenger is an American torpedo bomber developed by United States Navy and Marine corps. This aircraft was so popular that eventually it is used around the globe.
Yakovlev Yak-1 B Soviet AF Lightweight
Yakovlev Yak-1 Lightweight was developed by the Soviets in the 1940s. It was a single-seater monoplane and use steel tube and wood construction
Yakovlev YAK-1 Soviet AF Fighter
Yakovlev Yak-1 Lightweight was developed by the Soviets in the 1940s.

1:72 Scale Plastic Model Kits

F-4 Phantom II is a two-seated, twin-engined supersonic jet interceptor and fighter-bomber. It was originally developed by United States Navy by McDonnell Aircraft.


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