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Creative Photography Tricks for Model Kit Photos

Posted August 08, 2020

For a perfect photo of a model kit, the camera setting also needs to be perfect. When we talk about camera settings we actually talk about the measurements you will have to take, like Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance. A perfect high-quality photograph is a balanced mixture of all of them. For model kit photography, you will need a narrow depth of field. It means that you’ll have to focus on the toy and blur the rest of the area. Of course, you don't need to blur the area if you set a stage for your picture. If you want to blur effect you can do this with a  depth of field effect. For this, you will have to reduce the aperture and increase the shutter speed. Make sure that you don’t use ISO more than 300. Adjust the white balance depending on the source of lights you are using or just keep auto mode for a better photo.

Use Photography Equipment

Don't forget to use photography equipment to create more astounding pictures. 

  • Tripod
  • Remote
  • Flash
  • Lens Sets

Capture a Realistic Photo

Any model kit photo which looks realistic is more engaging. If you are going to photo an action figure, try to capture it with an angle. If it is a car model kit try to replicate the condition that the car might be in.

Use Reflection

Using a water source, a mirror or a reflection source is a great idea to make your photoshoot great! Using reflection adds depth and realism to your photos.


Use a Clean Background

Background plays a vital role in every kind of photography. Likewise, in model kit photography, background matters a lot. Kits are generally very much colorful. If you use some gorgeous background or clattered background, it will make your model kit photography look gaudy. Always try to use a simple and clean background in order to get fresh and good model kit photographs.

Use a Diorama

Using diorama kits to create surroundings is a great idea. It will allow you to fill the gaps in your scene and create the visuals you need. For example, using Verlinden Built 1:48 German King Tiger On Blown Bridge Original Display will create good scenery for a battlefield.



Weather Tricks

You can create snow, sand, and replicate other weather conditions with some tricks. You can use flour to create snow, salt for white sand, and dry ice for fog. To create rain, you can always use a bottle of water and open small holes in its head.




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