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Dragon Makes Your Large Star-Wars Model Dreams Come True!

Posted December 01, 2019

Dragon Makes Your Large Star-Wars Model Dreams Come True!

Star Wars Model Kits

We all know that Bandai is creating some Star-Wars models and they are great at it but now they have a serious competitor Dragon Models. Let's see what they are planning to create.

Upcoming Dragon Star-Wars Kits 

Dragon Models is now a part of the licensee family of Star-Wars. They're going to create some several kits that many modelers will love to have.

Star Wars Phase 1 Model Kit Scheldule

In Star-Wars Phase 1 we get a sneak peek and as it seems that drawings and 3d kits are designed by the team of designers who make military models for Dragon. So, we are hoping they will be great!

At-At Star Wars Model Kit

The most hyped kit by Dragon is a giant AT-AT Walker. It looks huge and we all want it! Until the new Star-Wars saga begins, it is worth to check out our Star-Wars Collection.

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