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History of Plastic Models

Posted February 12, 2020

Before plastic became a suitable material, shaped wood was used to make models and wood kits usually needed lengthy work to achieve the same results as plastic models so, in 1936, an English company named Frog introduced the first plastic models to consumers. It was a range of 1:72 scale aircraft models like Messerschmitt Me.262A. Taking an example from Frog, different American companies like  Hawk, Empire, Renewal, Lindberg, and Varney went into plastic model manufacturing in the ‘40s. In the ‘60s many companies started establishing their dominance in the market like Aurora, AMT, and Monogram in America; Fujimi and Bandai in Japan; Airfix in the UK and Heller SA in France.

At first, injection-molding was the main manufacturing method to create plastic models. However, the molds were expensive to build hence injection-molding deemed unsuitable for low yield output. Thus alternative manufacturing methods were used to satisfy the demand for lesser subjects. As technology advanced, so did the methods of production. Products worldwide provide unparalleled detail that is near life-like accuracy.

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