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Is 3D Printing The Future of Scale Modelling?

Posted March 04, 2020

The future of 3D printing is bright and it becomes more important for manufacturing day by day. Furthermore, the usage of technology is a vital part of manufacturing so 3D printing will be given a chance when the time is right. Before we start debating, if 3D printing will be the future for scale modeling, we should understand that 3D printing is growing rapidly. Moreover, it becomes cheaper and cheaper. 

3d printing statistics for manufacturers

In a recent survey, over one year, the number of companies that utilize 3d printing as well as other variety of applications rocketed dramatically. In 2017, production parts were just %27 but in 2019 it was %52, for bridges it was %23 but now %39, for repair and maintenance services it was %14 and now %38. So we can safely assume that day by day the industry will convert into 3D printing when the prices become more accessible.


3d printing statistics for next 5 years

Is 3D Printing The Future of Scale Modelling?

Even its not certain yet, it is safely assumed that 3D modeling will take place of standard factory builds. It is expected that in 15 years all households that own printer will own a 3D printing machine.  Therefore, scale modeling companies will start to sell their own blueprints digitally. So, if you own a 3D printer with the ingredients, you will download the blueprint and start creating your sprue sheets literally from scratch. You will also be able to print special accessories for your models, create diorama cases.

Currently, the biggest problem for 3D scale modeling is the price of the application. But, the prices of this application gets cheaper and cheaper. So one day everybody who owns a printer will own a 3D printer.

In conclusion, even though it is highly expected that 3D printing will become a vital part of scale modeling, probably it won't happen in the next 10-20 years. So, our classic and lovely method of metal casting sprue sheets will live on!

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