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Kenner Products

Posted January 30, 2020

Kenner Products

American Toy Company, Kenner Products established at  Cincinnati in 1946. Kenner was found by Albert, Phillip and Joseph L. Steiner. During their era, the company produced highly noticeable brands including Star Wars, Jurassic Park and DC Comics as their diecast models.

Kenner was best known for their work on Star Wars. They earned the rights of the Star Wars franchise to produce action figures and playsets for the original trilogy from 1976 to 1985. After this, they generalized the use of 3.75 inc action figures which is still dominating the action figure market.

Additionally, one of Kenner's most highly renowned series, the Super Powers Collection, was based on the famed superheroes of DC Comics in which the characters were modeled specifically from the style guide of the company.

In 1991 Kenner Products was acquired by Hasbro. After that, it was terminated by its corporate parent in 2000. There is also an episode of Toys that Made Us by Netflix about Kenner Products and their journey.

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