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Key Factors That Make Train Models Worthy and Most Expensive Ones!

Posted October 29, 2020

Model trains are known to have an ability to fetch quite a lot of money, both new models and old rare artifacts alike! While new model trains can run from $100 right up to $1000, old and rare pieces of model trains can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Like every collector's piece in the world, the rarity of the product always drives the worth of value. Companies that made small production runs back in the day, ended up making their products worth way more today. To specify the model train category, it comes down to the technology the train is using and the quality it is in. If your valuable rare piece of a train doesn't run, the value will go down real fast. Most expensive model trains are usually really accurate representations of regular trains (making them handcrafted replicas) and most of them tend to have great craftsmanship and care taken in producing them.

Let's look at the most expensive model train ever sold in the world!

The most expensive model train ever that has been sold is the Lionel Standard Gauge Set from 1934 – a Mint-in-the-Box train set with a 400E Engine & State Passenger Cars that sold for around $250,000 at auction.

Just a single model train sell at this price, you heard it right not a train set or anything just a single model train is amazing, and it shows what good quality trains can bring to the table. 

Let's look at the most expensive model train layout ever built!

Miniature Wonderland which is based in Germany is the most expensive model train layout ever built with 8.08 miles of track, 14,450 wagons, and Over 1000 trains! It costs about a whopping 12 million dollars!


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