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Largest Model Railway / Railroad In The World - Miniatur Wunderland

Posted November 07, 2020

The largest model railway in the world ''Miniatur Wunderland'' lives in Germany. It has approximately 1.300 m² layout involving thousands of trains, aircrafts, ships and vehicles that move. It is literally a replica of someone's dream world. It took 500.000 work hours to produce this massive wonderland. The City's most popular tourist attraction fascinates people from all ages. It took 6 years of development and about 3 million $ to finish this awesome project and meet with the audiences in 2011.

miniatur wunderland

They used steel, plaster and wood to create foundation for this magnificent world. The city has features from Switzerland, USA, Austria and many more places too. 900 trains and 12.000 wagons travel around the city every single day. Longest train is approximately 15 meters long.

On the North East Sea, with a water capacity of 30.000 liters, every kind of ship cruises day and night. Every vehicle in the city is controlled through computers as you can see in the video down below. It is definitely something to see for enthusiasts.  


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