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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Model Building Beginners

Posted February 01, 2020

This article will focus on tips and tricks for model building beginners

  • The first model is usually the most challenging one
  • Once you have selected your model, don’t forget that it is your first time to assemble a model. You will make mistakes but if you follow the instructions you will handle it just fine

  • Make use of the information in the building instructions
  • Reading instructions is a crucial part for beginners. Even if you don’t like reading, you should not skip this process. Sometimes parts will look similar so understanding what is crucial.

  • Cut off the parts with a blade, don’t destroy them by hand.
  • The most important part of modeling is to threaten the material with the respect it deserves. Modeling parts are not apples to be collected by hand, so use a sharp modeling knife to de attach parts from the sprue. If you go by hand you might break the parts.

  • Gluing the parts together
  • Buy the right glue. Don’t overdress your parts with glue and try not to apply to much pressure to parts. If your glue goes wide, don’t wipe it. Wait for it to dry and sand it.

  • Color it decently
  • You should always use top-notch paint on your products because the real eye-catcher on your model kits is paint. You should be patient and never rush this process. Don’t forget that nearly all paints need to be stirred before used.

  • Painting Order
  • Each model has a different order but before the assemble phase you should plan it. If the model is going to be painted pre-assemble, be sure to start from small pieces to big pieces.

  • Preparation and practice strokes
  • To ensure your painting is uniform and neat you should clean all components with soapy water. This will remove dust, grease and fingerprint residue. Also if you are using a brush, be sure to check your brush on another surface.

  • Decals: the final detail
  • Decals give your model life and realism. Bu sure to select the right one to fit your models.

  • Attaching decals
  • When it comes to applying decals, time, patience, a clean work area, and a steady hand are especially important, as is having the right tools for the job (scissors, tweezers, toothpicks, paper towels and a small container for the water).  Don’t forget to check your decals position before you stick it!

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