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What is a Plastic Model?

Posted February 12, 2020

Plastic models are scaled-down versions of real or imaginary subjects that are made for hobbyists. These models are manufactured as scaled kits and usually designed for display purposes. The difficulty of the build changes from one kit to another, like models that snap-together right away or ones that need special tools, adhesives or paints. Without a doubt, the most preferred kind of these models are tanks, military ships, military aircraft, and vehicles because of their historical context as to their civilian counterparts. Be that as it may, other types are also very popular and sought after. They consist of science fiction vehicles, robots, spacecraft, buildings, environment props, and human(or non-human) figures. 

While building their models, modelers pay attention primarily to accuracy, making sure that the model looks as close to the original piece as possible whether it is real or imaginary. Still, they can also be highly versatile and a single model can have infinite different variations. They can be painted in many different ways and can add weathering effects to make it look old. In the end, it entirely depends on your imagination.

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