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Wingnut Wings

Posted January 20, 2020

Wingnut Wings

Wingnut Wings Logo


Wingnut Wings is a New Zealand plastic model company owned by Peter Jackson (Director of the Lord of The Rings). They are passionate about providing accurate, high detailed, large scale models. Wingnut also focuses on both experienced and novice modelers. 

"Designed and researched by passionate professionals utilizing original factory drawings whenever possible, historic and contemporary photos, the information supplied by some of the worlds leading experts in their fields and working closely with The Vintage Aviator Ltd, we believe our models to be the most accurate ever produced of their subjects." - Wingnut Wings

Lots of Model Offers These Wingnut Wings Models

AEG G.IV Early Biplane

1:32 AEG G.IV Early Biplane 


Albatros B.II Early

1:32 Albatros B.II Early 


Dfw C.V mid

1:32 DFW C.V Mid production


Fokker D.VII ALb

 1:32 Fokker D.VII Alb Fighting Fokkers Part.2


Fokker D.VII Fok

1:32 Fokker D.VII Fok


Fokker D.VII OAW

1:32 Fokker D.VII OAW Fighting Fokkers Part.3


Fokker D.VII (ALB)

1:32 Fokker D.VII(Alb)


Hansa-Brandenburg W.12

1:32 Hansa-Brandenburg W.12


Pfalz D.Illa WWI

1:32 Pfalz D.IIIa WWI


Pfalz D.XII

1:32 Pfalz D.XII


Rumpler C.IV Early German Biplane

1:32 Rumpler C.IV Early German Biplane


Rumpler C.IV Late

1:32 Rumpler C.IV Late


Sopwith Snipe Early

1:32 Sopwith Snipe Early


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