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Alliance Model Works 1:35 M2 M3 Detail Set Resin PE Decal Dragon #LW35030

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Condition: New

Scale: 1:35

Material: Resin & PE & Decal

unassembled unpainted model accessory


  • Unassembled Unpainted Model Accessory
  • The set roughly breaks down to: Photoetched brass interior components. Antiskid plates and details. Including an etched brass and decal solution for the dashboard. Photo etched exterior details. Tool clamps, tie down loops, headlight cover, etc Two types of photo etched brass bumpers are included.
  • This set suits all Dragon 1:35 kit of the M2, M3 halftrack family. Mine holders and rear storage brackets are also provided in Photoetched brass. Miscellaneous details. Ammo holders and ammo cans for .50 and .30 machineguns. Worthy a note, this is the only set on the market that included the correct ammo tray for the .50 cal machine-gun that was used in WWII.
  • Resin options are given for exterior stowage, ammo cans, mines, jerry cans, etc. All are modeled off real articles appeared on period photos. All resin are of course clean 1-piece mold casts (no seam lines or flesh).Decals for the ammo cans are also part of the set In all, this is probably the most comprehensive detailing set for the M2 and M3 series of halftracks on the market.
  • 1:35 Alliance Model Works detailing set for U.S WWII M2 M3 series of halftrack LW35030 Suits all Dragon/DML 1:35 kits of the M2 and M3 halftrack family.This is a full detailing set, including resin and photo etched brass options that cover the vehicle in and out.Decals are also provided. Please note that not all the options were used in these example photos. Modelers are encourage to research and make their own selections from the available components.

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