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How To Use Our Store


Registration is required in order to purchase from our store. This is necessary so your purchases can be tracked. Clicking on the little person icon at top right of our page brings you to the account creation page. This is also where you could log into your account had you already registered one.


You could proceed to checkout once an item had been added to your cart. Multiple shipping options would be provided and shipping charges, if any, would be calculated and added during checkout.
Once complete, a confirmation would be sent to your registered email address, and a shipping notice when your purchase is shipped.


There are several ways you could locate an item in our store.

If you knew what you were looking for, using the search box can bring you directly to your target.

You could use any combination of brand, scale and subject.
For example, enter "1:48 Gaspatch 08/15" and you will get the two 08/15 Spandau machine guns this brand makes in 1:48 scale.

Try broaden your search by reducing your keywords. Putting in only "1:48 Gaspatch" would return all the items under that brand and in 1:48 scale. Sometimes there could be tiny spelling differences making locating an item directly with its full name impossible.

If you knew the brand and scale, then you could also go to the brand's category listing using the "category" button up top, then browse through the list to locate your item.

Alternatively, browse through the "type" categories if you knew the item but not its brand. All the aircraft model kits in 1:48 scale, for example, would fall under the Air-1:48 category.

If you knew the item number then you could also search with that. Keep in mind that there are temporary syntax limitation to our search engine so  you would need to enter the item number exactly in the format we have listed it to obtain result.
For example, Super Scale Decal 72-905, if you entered "75905" without the dash then it probably will not find the item. We're working to resolve this issue.