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unassembled unpainted model accessory

Alliance Model Works 1:35 3.7cm Flak 36/37/43 Ammo Container Tray #LW35023

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Condition: New

Scale: 1:35

Material: PE

unassembled unpainted model accessory


  • unassembled unpainted model accessory
  • Ammo included in both this and LW35059 are 3.7cm Sprgr high explosive rounds. This is the commonly distributed ammo for both ground and anti air units.
  • Comes with 4 photoetched ammunition trays, 2 ammo containers, 12 rounds of turned brass ammunition and 12 spent shells
  • This set features the 6 round ammo tray for Flak 36/37. Please see our product LW35059 for 8 round trays designed for Flak43. High quality components. Highly accurate designs

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