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Alliance Model Works 1:35 7.5cm Pak 40 mit RSO For Dragon Detail Set #LW35062

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Condition: New

Scale: 1:35

Material: Resin or PE

unassembled unpainted model accessory The Model Kit is Not Part of this sale


  • Unassembled Unpainted Model Accessory
  • For Dragon's 1:35 Smart kits. (6458-G1 early, 6393-G1 late, 6494-with zimmerit) Detail set features accurate fender, skirt and mudguard and tool rack designs, that are in scale thickness. Easy to construct.
  • All of the DML Jagdpanther Smartkits are with the G1 intake layout. Grills and engine deck details in this set are for G1 intakes as well. These Dragon kits also provided different exhaust layouts. Detailing items for all exhaust layouts are also included in the detail set.
  • Detail set also includes options to backdate your Jagdpanther model. A style stowage bin racks, options to relocate tools and stowage tube to the rear, etc. 2 styles of rear wall stowage boxes are provided for making Jagdpanther from abt.654.
  • Antenna and mountings for command vehicle also included. 2 types of additional antenna bases for left and right of rear wall provided in the set.

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