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Alpha Abrasives Plastic & Resin Working & Finishing Kit #0003

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Material: Multimedia

modelling finishing tools


  • modelling finishing tools
  • This is our most popular kit, providing all the necessary materials for the hobbyist that really thinks outside the box on their custom creations. You will find some of the most unique products available, including acrylic profiling rods and adhesive
  • backed hobby film so you can make your own custom sanding tools. This kit contains an assortment of abrasive applicators, a complete Flexible Detail Sanding Kit with three peel and stick cushioned sanding pads,
  • sanding needles, 1/8 files, 1/4 files, 3/4 files, our Abrasive Cleaning Disc, and a bottle of magic buff for shining your plastic creations to a perfect shine.

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