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Ammo of Mig Jimenez Panzer Aces #55 Panzer Papers English #PANZ0055

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  • This is one of those vehicles known only by three or four extant photographs of which two units were made at most. In this article you will find an easy albeit laborious method for making a highly attractive circular camouflage scheme. Both the assembly
  • and paintjob are very well executed and stand out because of its efficiency and simplicity. Oscar has succeeded in giving this vehicle a captivating finish.E-25 This is a mid-run AFV from the Entwicklung series.
  • MAUS This magnificent kit comes from the other end of the world. Such spectacular kits are quite uncommon. Kreangkrai makes a tantalizing display of imagination, technique mastering and color. The result is this incredible Maus.
  • E-100 The older brother of the Paper Panzer saga has fallen into the hands of José Brito. Expert hands like his' have gotten the most out of this beast. This article is quite interesting because José has made two different turret versions.

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