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Detail set.

CMK 1:72 Letov S-328 Control Surfaces Set - Resin Update #7330

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Condition: New

Scale: 1:72

Unassembled Unpainted Model Kit/Accessory


  • Detail set.
  • A set containing all the control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevators plus the tailplane) for a model of the Czechoslovak reconnaissance and light bomber aircraft. All parts, having fine sagged fabric effect,
  • come with very nice and subtle surface detail, panel lines and inspection panels. The Š.328 were operated by the pre-war Czechoslovak Air Force and during the world conflict also by Slovakia and Bulgaria,
  • several captured machines were used by German Luftwaffe for training and target towing.
  • Unassembled Unpainted Model Kit/Accessory

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