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Unassembled Unpainted Model Accessory

HGW 1:32 Transparent Light Wood Natural No Grain Decal Sheet #532060

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Condition: New

Scale: 1:32

Material: Decal

Unassembled Unpainted Model Accessory


  • Unassembled Unpainted Model Accessory
  • Features: a new backing paper with white background - no optical distortion of the final shade, big format of decals.
  • Pasted/fixed/glued, puttied and polished model paint by base white (it is suitable to polish also this coloured layer before applying wooden decals). The decals are transparent, so it is necessary to apply base colour. It is possibe to mark off single panels by using different shades of base colour (white, of white, yellow).
  • Then cut required shape of panel (with 2 mm overlap) and apply as same as ordinary decal (use Mr. Mark Setter, Mr. Mark Softer). After these processes cut protruded wooden decal with very sharp knife.
  • By this technique it is possible to create very believable imitation of the wooden surface without skill in using of oil paints. Finally it takes cca 4 hours to cover whole fuselage of Albatros D.Va (1/32 WNW).

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