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modelling finishing tools

Original Rustall RUSTS Anything 4x2oz Bottles Weathering Set

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Material: Multimedia

Type: Model Accessory

modelling finishing tools


  • modelling finishing tools
  • RUSTALL 1234: An easy to use, non corrosive system for "Rusting" plastic, metal, plaster, styrene and even paper. 1: Rustall: Stir the RUSTALL and dip your brush, bringing up some liquid and rust. Rustall is designed to leave a random rust effect, so let the brush flow onto the item to be rusted.
  • Allow it to dry and repeat for more rust. Rustall is designed to leave a light layer of rust with each application. 2: Blackwash: Will darken and bring out fine detail on the rust, bolt heads, hatches, etc. 3: Dead Flat: Will give you random natural flat. Apply more coats if you wish.
  • 4: Dust: Dust is dirt, but no common everyday dirt. A fine dirt from the hills of Mendocino County in California. Ground and sifted several times into a fine talcom powder like dust.

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