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Unassembled Unpainted Diorama Accessory

Reality In Scale 1:32 1:35 Laser Cut Plain Plank Cedar Fence Rustic Wood PL3-011

Regular price $6.98 Sale price $13.95

Condition: New

Scale: 1:35

Material: Multimedia

Type: Model Accessory

Suitable Ages: 10+

Diorama Accessory


  • Unassembled Unpainted Diorama Accessory
  • This listing is only for the item in description. Other objects may appear in pictures, they are for references only and not part of this sale.
  • Scale 1/32 - 1/35. Laser cut from light brown wooden sheet with very fine grain detail. This is a slightly damaged looking fence with nail detail throughout. The planks are irregular in width and are slightly damaged randomly. The
  • fences are 8cm wide and 6cm high. A few washes and dry brushing will make this fence look very realistic. Or you could paint the fence in any colour you like and chip of the paint in random places to let the natural wood show through. Contains 2 fences.

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